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Consumers swallow price inflation as their thirst for water-based drinks thrives, according to new IRI report

19 januari, 2023

Inflation and sustained demand drove 8.9% value sales growth of water-based drinks in Europe in the last year (full year ended August 2022) to €35.6bn
Contribution from water and carbonates reaches €1.7bn (66%) which, along with sports and energy drinks +€0.7bn (29%) and...

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Marktaandelen 2022: AH en prijsvechters de grote winnaars

18 januari, 2023

Zaltbommel, 18 januari 2022 - De definitieve behaalde omzetten en marktaandelen 2022 van de Nederlandse supermarken volgens IRI zijn bekend. 2022 was een jaar met dalende volumes In vergelijking met “Corona-jaar” 2021 toen supermarkten profiteerden van de horeca sluiting. In o...

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IRI hires ex Amazon Advertising Leader to grow media business across Europe

12 januari, 2023

IRI’s planning, targeting and measurement solutions will help brands and the agencies that serve them to maximize sales returns from media investment

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Blistering cost of living crisis brings back 1970s and 1980s shopper behaviours: Consumers experiencing diminished living standards

24 oktober, 2022

IRI report reveals that with no sign of inflation dropping for the near future, consumers are displaying signs of severe ‘inflation fatigue’ that is forcing a range of coping behaviours not seen since the austere late 70s and early 80s

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Ondanks de inflatie houdt de verduurzaming van de voedselverkopen stand in eerste helft van 2022

18 september, 2022

Zaltbommel, 19 September 2022. Het aandeel van producten met een duurzamer keurmerk binnen de totale foodomzet in supermarkten houdt stand in het eerste half jaar van 2022. De totale foodomzet groeide in de eerste helft van 2022 met 0,3% terwijl de omzet in duurzamere producte...

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IRI and NPD Complete Merger, Creating a Leading Global Technology, Analytics and Data Provider

01 augustus, 2022

Combines leading FMCG, general merchandise, foodservice and food consumption data capabilities to offer innovative view of total retail purchasing and consumption trends

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IRI verwacht schommeling in omzetgroei supermarkten

18 juli, 2022

IRI komt met prognose supermarktomzet voor 2022, 2023 en 2024

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Lindt & Sprüngli expands global partnership as it moves to IRI's integrated big data and analytics platform

08 juni, 2022

IRI's data allow Lindt & Sprüngli to gain broader insights into big data sets and collaborate more effectively with retailers

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Kleinere merken winnen aandeel van Top 100 A-merken

24 mei, 2022

Distrifood publiceert de jaarlijkse Merken top 100 in samenwerking met IRI

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IRI reports change in consumer landscape as the proportion of private label loyalists now equals those of national brands in all key European markets

11 mei, 2022

Private labels account for €194 bn, making up 35% of total FMCG value sales in Europe as gap narrows between national brands

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Duurzame keurmerken in 2021 hoogste aandeel ooit

20 april, 2022

Zaltbommel, 20 april 2022, het aandeel van producten met een duurzamer keurmerk binnen de totale foodomzet in supermarkten blijft gestaag doorgroeien. Ook in 2021 groeide de omzet in duurzamere producten sterker dan de totale foodomzet in supermarkten waardoor het hoogste aand...

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IRI and NPD to Merge and Create a Leading Global Technology, Analytics and Data Provider

07 april, 2022

IRI and The NPD Group today announced the signing of a definitive agreement through which IRI and NPD will merge, creating a leading global technology, analytics and data provider that offers clients a view of total retail purchasing and consumption trends powered by advanced,...

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Birra Moretti grootste innovatie van 2021

28 februari, 2022

IRI publiceert de jaarlijkse Introductie top 20 in Distrifood/Foodmagazine

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IRI Inflation analysis calls for FMCG brands and retailers to look beyond the headlines and tap into changing consumer behaviour

21 februari, 2022

New analysis published today by IRI, a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights, calls on FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) retailers and manufacturers to look beyond the current headlines on inflation and adopt a different mindset to tap...

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Misty Muscatel Davis Joins IRI as Global Chief Marketing Officer

01 februari, 2022

IRI®, a fast-growing, innovative, global provider of technology, data and predictive analytics for the consumer, retail and media sectors, today announced that Misty Muscatel Davis will join IRI as global chief marketing officer, effective Feb. 1, 2022.

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Private labels are poised to increase sales as leading FMCG brands pass on inflationary price increases to consumers

18 oktober, 2021

Findings from IRI’s biannual ‘FMCG Demand Signals®’ report published today reveals how demand for major supermarkets’ own private labels have dragged, preventing them from capitalising on potential growth in value sales, despite promotions and prominent positioning on grocery ...

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Euan Jarvie Joins IRI as President, EMEA

12 oktober, 2021

IRI®, a fast-growing, innovative, global provider of technology, data, and predictive analytics for the consumer, retail and media sectors, today announced that Euan Jarvie will join IRI as president of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, effective immediately. In this ...

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Cecilia Ogude Joins IRI to Lead Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

28 juni, 2021

IRI today announced that Cecilia Ogude, former Firmwide Diversity and Inclusion Program Lead at JPMorgan Chase & Co., has joined IRI as senior vice president of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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IRI Announces Diversity Advantage Program to Empower Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses

12 mei, 2021

Leading retailers Ahold Delhaize USA Companies, Amazon and Kroger partnering with IRI to support first phase of innovative new program.

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IRI Launches Most Comprehensive Omnichannel Platform With New OmniMarket and OmniConsumer Solutions

21 april, 2021

Solutions are bolstered by IRI’s recent acquisition of CoinOut, a 1.5-million-member receipt capture panel

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