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The Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on business across the globe, including FMCG and retail. The pandemic is leading to a recession in many countries. IRI is closely tracking developments in our industry to help our clients understand the resulting changes in consumer and shopper behaviour across categories, brands, private labels, channels and retailers in the areas affected by the virus.
Our goal is to help companies successfully determine how to best handle promotions, out-of-stocks, pricing and assortment to meet the changing needs of consumers.

This page is updated regularly with the latest FMCG trends, sales, and insights from IRI. If you have specific questions related to your business, please reach out to your IRI representative or contact

Why Now is the Time for Brands to Reset the Value Equation

The turbulence of 2020 has caused considerable changes in consumer behaviour and how both consumers and brands are valuing products. We’ve talked before about how this recession is very individual and our responses will be very different.

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One size fits nobody – the new approach to customer loyalty

The words ‘it’s been emotional’ have never been more apt in recent times. It has certainly been a period of high emotion for both customers and retailers. This means that everything we thought we knew about loyalty – both for retailers and brands – needs to be reconsidered...

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Doing the right thing for your consumer is the right thing to do in the ‘next normal’

In a matter of months, social distancing, panic buying, major staff shortages and stretched supply chains have all placed FMCG manufacturers and retailers under immense pressure. It’s led to the biggest retail reset in decades. We are entering the ‘next normal’ - which will see almost everything about the industry needing to change and adapt.

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The new normal that FMCG retailers and manufacturers expect after COVID-19

In early April, IRI conducted research among managers based at manufacturers and retailers across 31 countries to understand how they thought FMCG might change in the “new normal” after COVID-19. The survey was completed by 600 people and in this blog post I’m going to share some of the key themes that emerged.

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Easter during lockdown in the UK grocery market

As we entered the Easter period, we waited to see how shoppers would react to these challenging times. We expected the shopping restrictions put in place to maybe have a negative impact with bricks and mortar retailers limiting access and On-line at capacity.

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Retail lessons from Italy: What is the ‘new normal’ in the Covid-19 era?

Change sometimes happens so quickly that it is almost impossible to keep up. But no-one could have predicted just how quickly the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic would change the way we live. Everything from the way we work to the way we shop has been turned on its head and we...

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Be brave. In difficult times, your consumers need you

The most common question I’ve been asked by brands in the past two weeks is: “Should we continue to invest in advertising during the coronavirus outbreak, when so many people are isolated?” Just this week, Marketing Week’s own figures show that many marketers are delaying thei...

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