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Premium prices pose a barrier to the rise of ‘conscious consumerism’ among European shoppers

IRI’s European Shopper Survey reveals consumers in Italy, Greece and Spain relate more closely to retailers who claim to care about the environment

Millennials maintain their ‘amore’ for big brands

IRI’s European Shopper Survey reveals younger generations of consumers prefer global brands to local when shopping for groceries
Two-thirds of younger millennials use the internet for new grocery product research

IRI Reveal European Food Manufacturers at Risk of Losing Control on Nutritional Labelling

Food manufacturers need to get serious on nutritional labelling or risk losing control of the issue entirely according to analysis by IRI, the big data and technology expert for consumer industries.

Le marché du foodservice connaît un bouleversement inédit

Selon le dernier rapport Foodservice France 2018 de IRI GIRA Foodservice, la consommation hors domicile confirme sa reprise en 2017…

Google Selects IRI to Join New Measurement Partners Program

IRI to Provide Marketing Mix Analysis Solutions That Boost Return-on-Marketing Investment by as Much as 12 Percent

European Shoppers focusing more on quality than price with Olive Oil purchases as volume sales decline – IRI analysis

Les MDD progressent mieux que les Marques Nationales en Europe

Améliorer la qualité des produits, permet de se différencier et de fidéliser les shoppers, révèle le nouveau rapport d’IRI « Private Label in Western Economies »

Private label outperforms FMCG brands in Europe, as retailers up product quality in a bid to drive differentiation and loyalty – new IRI report reveals

Regional value share for private label grows to highest levels at 39.4%

IRI Recognized by Independent Research Firm as a Strong Performer in Marketing Measurement and Optimization Solutions

Independent Research Firm Cites IRI for Strong Technology Foundation, Impressive Data Assets and Industry Expertise

‘On-the-go’ consumers driving sales of snacks across Europe – IRI 2017 top selling FMCG categories

Demand for convenience and food and drink ‘on-the-go’ is helping to drive sales of snacking products, particularly crisps and salty snacks, across Europe.

1 repas sur 5 est consommé hors domicile. Des consommateurs européens qui plébiscitent le food « service »

Une nouvelle étude publiée par IRI sur le marché du foodservice en Europe souligne la croissance de la consommation hors domicile tout au long de la journée avec un marché en progression de 4,1 milliards d’euros sur 2017