Spring Holidays Report 2022

Spring Holidays Report 2022



As COVID-19's omicron variant waned in February, Americans once again dramatically increased their out-of-home activities. But as the new omicron BA.2 variant emerges, will our newfound freedom be short-lived?

This new IRI report reviews recent consumer behavior and past Easter and Passover behavior to provide an outlook for spring 2022. Trends and opportunities highlighted include:

  • As store trips increase, Americans still make 80% of meals at home, due to both the pandemic and inflation.
  • 2021 holidays that occurred during COVID-19 dips saw strong sales lift across the store, with spring 2022 likely to be no different.
  • Consumers anticipate larger gatherings for Easter and Passover in 2022. Expect demand for holiday staples such as ham for Easter, fresh fish throughout Lent, and Passover favorites such as mackerel, leg of lamb and matzoh.
  • Ample opportunity exists to leverage merchandising and targeted digital communications to promote fresh ideas for home-centric entertaining and gifting opportunities.
  • Promotions of essentials and holiday mainstays will resonate with inflation-battered consumers.

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