Omnichannel Impact

Omnichannel Impact

Omnichannel Impact

Innovation That Drives Growth in the Omnichannel Environment

Understanding how to navigate the evolving digital landscape is still new to shoppers, manufacturers and retailers alike. Online has become an increasingly important part of the path to purchase as it alters the decision set for shoppers and levels the playing field for everyone involved.

To create a more seamless omnichannel experience for consumers, it is critical that companies understand how consumers move while they are online and develop content that will both engage and convert. With smaller, niche brands now able to compete effectively and efficiently online, e-commerce has become the great equalizer. Brands that can precisely identify consumers’ needs and online behaviors, while building a consistent – and emotionally compelling – presence throughout all key touch points will stand out in a crowded marketplace.

IRI’s latest Point of View, “Innovation That Drives Growth in the Omnichannel Environment,” offers insights into how companies can strategically build product stories that capture the attention of the shopper and spur purchase behavior in order to grow in an increasingly competitive market.

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