New Product Pacesetters 2017


New Product Pacesetters 2017

Blazing a Trail for the Next Generation

Demographic shifts and customer-centric product innovation are driving new approaches to building lifetime customer value. For example, as we are all reminded regularly by news reports, advertising and popular culture, millennials are digital natives who are changing how business and communications work. Social media plays a vital role for them in learning about and purchasing new CPG products.

Customer-centric companies that have a keen understanding of different shopper priorities and behaviors, and can create new products that solve specific needs and provide better experiences, will realize significant customer loyalty. 

IRI’s 22nd annual New Product Pacesetters report provides an industry-recognized benchmark analysis of exceptional first-year CPG sales success for newly launched products, recognizing top performers in food and beverage, non-food and convenience store sectors. The latest report offers detailed insights into the top new product launches for 2017 and how they have been able to achieve success. Click here to read the report.  

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