In-Flight Campaign Optimization

In-Flight Campaign Optimization

Feed In-flight Optimization with Sales Metrics for an Increased Lift

Today’s CPG brand and retail marketers are working in a crazy and hypercompetitive market. They must be spot on with every element of their ad campaigns (message, creative, media, offer, targeting and more), or they risk annoying or losing shoppers and wasting budgets. Further, with digital campaigns consuming an increasing percentage of the ad budget, marketers must be able to continuously improve their return on ad spend (ROAS), and have the metrics to prove it, or they may risk losing their jobs.

One important and often overlooked capability in the CPG and retailer marketer’s arsenal today is in-flight optimization: the ability to adjust campaign elements while the campaign is in the field. When marketers can understand which specific campaign elements are performing well and not so well, they can make necessary adjustments, maximizing their impact.

Read “Feed In-flight Optimization with Sales Metrics for an Increased Lift” to learn how the breadth of offline data – sales data from loyalty cards – and the ability to make the connection between exposure and purchase, give marketers the ability to determine which elements of an ad influenced purchase, or quick attribution reads.

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