Home Care During a Pandemic

Home Care During a Pandemic



COVID-19 put a spotlight on sanitation and cleanliness and boosted demand for home cleaning products. While sales of home cleaning and laundry products have declined from their mid-pandemic peaks, weekly sales remain significantly elevated versus 2019. The ongoing uptick in remote work and at-home meal occasions is still creating more at-home messes and the need for more products to clean them. And 39% of shoppers surveyed say they clean more frequently now and will continue these new habits into the future.

IRI's latest report, "Home Care During a Pandemic," highlights all the current trends in clean and the opportunities the current environment presents for CPG manufacturers and retailers to keep the clean movement going.


  • Marketers have an opportunity to inform (not scare) to promote additional cleaning regimens for areas such as doorknobs and light switches.
  • Product efficacy and scent are trending attributes for consumers.
  • Direct-to-consumer options are effective in encouraging subscription and replenishment.
  • Multi-benefit products are appealing to consumers focused on convenience.
  • Sales growth of sustainably marketed products continue to outpace conventionally marketed products, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for them. Carbon labeling is on the rise.
  • Sustainability includes economic, social and environmental elements and the sustainability messaging that resonates varies by generation.

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