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The store perimeter keeps changing, and you need the latest data and insights to keep up. IRI's Fresh Center of Excellence is the leader in tracking and analyzing everything that's happening in perishables departments including meat, produce, refrigerated/dairy, seafood, deli, bakery and floral.

Integrated Fresh Solution – The Industry Standard

One of the biggest challenges with tracking fresh foods is that there has not been an industry-standard definition. Until now. In partnership with leading fresh foods industry organizations such as the International Dairy, Deli and Bakery Association, IRI has created the industry’s first syndicated solution for the marketplace on perishable items. Both fixed and random weight items come together for the first time for a true total department view.


Fresh Food Category Performance

Our complimentary monthly reports track fresh food sales performance across dairy, deli, bakery, refrigerated, meat/seafood and produce and include analysis on market conditions, shopper perceptions and what's expected next for the category.


Milk was easily the biggest seller in May 2022, at $1.6 billion. The next biggest sellers were natural cheese and yogurt.

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While the four areas within deli certainly have inflation, demand for deli-prepared solutions remained strong in May 2022.

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The fresh perimeter and aisle bakery delivered growth in May, though most of the increase was due to inflation.

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Year-on-year unit sales were down 4.8% in May 2022, a sharp downward turn from the 2.4% decline in April 2022.

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Compared to May 2021, meat prices were up +11.2%, in line with the average for total food and beverages.

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Refrigerated and frozen plant-based meat alternatives generated $118 million in May, which fell 0.9% behind May 2021.

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Frozen seafood dollar sales were significantly higher than fresh seafood in May, at $643 million versus $618 million.

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In May 2022, the price per unit for frozen foods increased an average of +14.2%, higher than inflation for the total store.

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Weekly Changes in Fresh Food Demand

Data from the IRI Integrated Fresh Database is integrated into the IRI Demand Index, which offers a standard metric for tracking changes in spending. It measures weekly changes in fresh food and other consumer purchases by dollar sales against the year-ago period across departments, grocery aisles and retail formats.

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IRI partners with FMI to deep-dive into the latest consumer, brand and retail trends in fresh food at various times throughout the year as part of the ongoing "Top Trends in Fresh" series. Learn More


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