Market Moves 2021: Health, Beauty & Home

2020-2021 have been defining years for the Health & Beauty sector. Consumer demand and category growth themes in the “Living with Covid-19” world have been quite symbiotic with the stages of living restrictions.

Through the many uncertain periods of restrictions and freedoms, consumer needs shifted directly affecting behaviours which formed a new normal. Cutting through all of this, some themes have emerged in the past year which will endure in the “next normal”.

Learn about how the Health, Beauty, Home Sector performed in Australia and the top 3 key trends:

  • A Green New Normal – already mainstream, how sustainability is further evolving expeditiously in this sector.
  • Pandemic Pampering – how taking care of oneself and elevating the in-home experience will have long term implications.
  • eCommerce Eruption – unravelling how the Pandemic has led to significant acceleration in the adoption of Ecommerce and Beauty Tech and the rapidly evolving future

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