Launching a new product

It is vital that when launching a new product, manufacturers truly understand the dynamics of the category they are entering in order to maximise their chance for success.

This is because when launching a new product it is difficult to ensure long-term listings are sustained. As our 2016 study ‘Range rationalisation restricts new product contribution’ points out, the number of items stocked in an average multiple retail outlet selling groceries, personal care, household and health products has been falling since mid-2014. This range reduction means that it is harder for NPDs to gain listings, and just as importantly, to keep their listings.

Overall in the past year £99.6m worth of NPD sales have been lost. This presentation uncovers the industry trends for manufacturers launching a new product including a quantification of the impact of recent big changes to some key trading metrics:

  • Distribution
  • Sales rate index
  • Trade promotion
  • Range reduction and delistings
  • Price premium

It’s important manufacturers have this information to benchmark the performance of their product over their competitors in the category, information that can be vital in the longevity of their product within retailers.

If you’re a manufacturer launching a new product, feel free to get in touch to find out what category specific insights we may have for you.

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