Staying One Step Ahead

Retail Outlook for 2019 and Beyond

Staying One Step Ahead

We are in the midst of a consumer buying revolution, with consumers in the driver’s seat and brands racing to keep up. Innovation in technology has opened the door to an explosion of customer touchpoints that significantly impact how consumers discover, research and purchase products and services. At the same time, tech giants such as Amazon, Netflix and Facebook have redefined consumer expectations; today’s shopper demands current, personalised experiences that are relevant to their specific needs and situation at every point along the shopping journey.

To keep pace, FMCG brands must rethink how they reach and engage shoppers along the path-to-purchase. Relevancy is more important now than ever, and FMCG brands must work alongside retailers, investing more heavily in data and technologies that will help them cultivate personalised experiences and engage and activate their highest-value customers.

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