A Healthier New Normal

A Healthier New Normal

Australian’s attitudes towards ‘Health and Wellness’ ‘hasn’t changed as much as we would have expected throughout the pandemic but instead our focus on hygiene became much of the focus for 2020.

As Australians continue to live through the pandemic, with multiple lockdowns and periods of isolation, has their attitudes to health and wellness changed?

Our latest research report ‘A Healthier New Normal’ explores the shift from ‘Hygiene’ to ‘Holistic Health’. As we navigate the new world, Australians are embracing a new way of life and looking inwards at what that may mean for them.

This reports covers:

  • Selfcare and Indulgence: Balancing fine line between self-care and indulgence, how does this play out?
  • Hygiene: Hand washing, sanitising was it a moment, or a fundamental change to our behaviour?
  • Plant Proliferation: The rise of the plant-based boom, is it diet or curiosity driving the growth?
  • Sugar Avoidance: More and more shoppers are opting for sugar-free alternatives to better look after themselves.
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