Flu Fury

Flu Fury

Flu Impact on Retail Shelves

Health officials are reporting that this year’s flu season is now more intense than any since the 2009 swine flu pandemic, so CPG retailers and manufacturers must be prepared when the flu sweeps through town. Since market nuances are very important, check out IRI’s research, “Flu Fury: IRI Pinpoints How Flu Is Impacting U.S. Markets,” to find out how specific regional markets are being impacted by the flu and how correlating purchase behaviors vary at the market level. The research helps retailers anticipate inventory needs and avoid the typical 4 percent sales loss caused by out-of-stock products.


Press Release: IRI Pinpoints How Flu Uptick Is Impacting U.S. Markets and Helps Retailers Keep Medicine on Shelves for Consumers

Report: Flu Fury: IRI Pinpoints How Flu Is Impacting U.S. Markets

Infographic: Flu Fury

Video:  IRI 2018 Flu Trends



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