Improve understanding of your in-store programs and performance.
You and your team can't be everywhere at once. IRI's Audit solutions alert you to what's really happening with your merchandising, shelf space, displays and in-store promotions so that you can adjust your strategy and/or work with the retailer to make improvements if needed.
Our Audit solutions help you understand what’s happening in the store, so that you can identify the in-store drivers for growth in your category. 
Understand key areas in the store so that you can address issues around shelf space, validation of merchandising guidelines, out-of-stock issues, category management, assortment optimization, display execution, display partners and product visibility.
Increase your category sales.
Achieve optimal merchandising configurations with your displays, so that your in-store promotions are more effective and drive growth.
Proprietary methodology. Consistent results.
Data collected by IRI's trained field auditors uses a very specific proprietary methodology that provides consistent results across an entire sample collection. Additionally, we offer granular information regarding display locations, which is unique in the industry. Results can be provided separately or integrated into our ILD platform.

How we're different

Quick visibility into store conditions
With our Audit solutions, clients can quickly understand and address any in-store issues that may be impacting sales performance.
Highly detailed actionable information
Get detailed information on merchandising, display, shelf, and front-end store conditions in order to understand where improvements need to be made. 
"IRI’s high-quality, census-based store-level market information delivers the comprehensive insight that allows our organization to work closely with our retail partners to better market and sell our award-winning beverages."

Pyramid Breweries

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