A global pharmaceutical company wanted to understand the best marketing vehicles to maximise sales and both ATL and BTL ROI's for one of its key “challenger” brands.  The brand has similar market share as its closest competitor in a very competitive yet growing category.

Marketing Mix Measurement

IRI identified a 6.3% revenue improvement with the same spend through in-depth Marketing Mix Measurement analysis.

Marketing Mix Measurement
The Challenge of marketing mix

The Challenge

The client wanted to better understand the impact of marketing activities by linking  multi channels media investment (TV, online video, digital campaigns) to BTL promotions and  in-store feature and display data.

IRI developed a model to measure, optimize and forecast the impact of marketing mix activities including media, consumer promotions, trade activities and competitive activities. This Marketing Mix Measurement yielded insight across multiple dimensions:

  • Consumer centric: How can the company balance marketing spend by brand and tactic to drive both penetration and buy rate?
  • Channel centric: How does performance differ by retailer and what is the right tactic at each retailer?
  • Portfolio centric: What is the ROI and halo contribution of tactics?
  • Media centric: What is the right balance between traditional and new media?

IRI was able to connect consumers’ brand perceptions, what they did online, and what they saw on TV to what they bought.

Using the manufacturer’s marketing activity data and advanced analytics, including store-level modelling of marketing mix, IRI quantified how each marketing activity influenced purchase at a store-level.


The analysis yielded a set of insights and key recommendations:

Icon: TV


Shift support to product A and B to drive up volume and ROI. Stop support for product C (does not drive the overall brand)

Icon: Video

Online video (OLV):

Use OLV to drive product B-focused messaging.

Icon: Digital


Stop doing generic display banners and concentrate on rich media. Search is the best online vehicle to get your message across.

Icon: News


Increase support and switch back from underperforming offers

Icon: Retail


Leverage the right tactics at the right retailer


The Result

Optimizing the 2015 marketing plan generated +6.3%  net revenue for the manufacturers with the same spend through portfolio and retailer reallocation as well as digital investment.

Growth Delivered