Reduce risk, increase profit.
It's a waste of marketing dollars to try to reach every single type of consumer all of the time. Our Segmentation solutions profile shoppers based on what they do and their attitudes, so that you know when and where to reach them most effectively.
IRI’s Segmentation solutions profile shoppers based on attitudes toward major trends including the economy, technology, and nutritional habits - and leverage mobile technology to capture in-the-moment point-of-purchase and consumption/usage behaviour among key consumer segments.
Use this profile information to better determine your marketing, product and category management strategies - ultimately reaching the right customers in the right way and at the right time.
Timely segmentation help marketers understand their core shopper segments which drives brand positioning, and how changes are affecting shopper behaviour in their stores, identifying key challenges and opportunities.
Answers questions such as: Did the economy impact my buyers? Which of my shoppers are driving growth or declining? What is driving growth/decline? Should I change my message? Should I invest more in media and what type- brand-building, coupons or something else?
Profile shoppers based on attitudes toward specific custom client views including segmentation to match to a client's own proprietary customer databases.
This adds supplementary information on purchase, demographic, and other attitudinal information to the client's database to provide a total share of market view.

How we're different

Built directly into our Segmentation solutions, our behavior data gives clients clarity, precision and an important understanding of each segment’s true potential to impact the bottom line. Using actual behavior unlocks differentiated segments that may otherwise remain undiscovered. 
We create custom segmentations from the ground up, combining attitudes with purchase data to truly size specific category targeting opportunities. 
Continue to leverage your  segmentations by measuring the effectiveness of your targeting efforts over time.
How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?

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