Have the right product in the right place for the right shopper.
Store formats are changing which means product assortments must change along with them. Our Assortment solutions guide you on which products to have on which shelves and in which stores, to meet the needs of those specific shoppers.
With competition up and shelf availability down, manufacturers and retailers must understand which products need to be on shelf.
Our assortment solutions offer detailed analysis and guidance to ensure that your product assortment strategy meets customer needs. We can tell you how to design assortments that are effective, efficient and keeping pace with trends in consumer-buying behaviour.
Offer the right product at the right place at the right time.
Having the right brands in the right pack sizes at the right prices at the store-level is critical to success. We'll show you how to get it right.
Improve your capability to tailor assortment to drive growth with your top customers..
Your best customers challenge you to drive growth with more targeted assortments. And commodity/staple products have to fight harder to remain on shrinking shelf space. Let us help you overcome these challenges by developing assortments tailored to your key customer opportunities.

How we're different

Data speaking clearly
Store level POS data fuels models that provide clear measurement of incrementality and provide the category and channel coverage required for effective recommendations and collaboration.
Simplicity in design
Our prescriptive recommendations link strategic guidelines to tactical implementation. Intuitive web-based software provides clear pathway to action and consistent activation.
Partnering for your success
We provide activation training and support to build adoption and confidence.
"Tiger Brands has found significant value in the assortment optimization study which we completed with IRI on our jams culinary segment. During these difficult economic and highly competitive times, the study assisted us in making clear assortment decisions which showed a strong growth benefit to ourselves and to category growth for the trade."

Brenda Koornneef - Business Executive
Group Marketing & Corporate Strategy Tiger Brands Limited

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Assortment Optimisation with Tiger Brands

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Optimising Range and Category Management
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