Identify opportunities with prescriptive analytics with deep retailer partnerships.

Improve collaboration, joint business planning and execution with retailers.

Find the sweet spots within all that data.

Simplifying vast amounts of data to find new opportunities with manufacturer and retailer partners has been an unobtainable goal for decades. Whether you want to optimise your pricing, promotion or assortment, or be more productive with a particular manufacturer or retailer, we help you analyse and determine the best path.
Price and Promotion
Pricing never stands still. We can help you move at the speed of the market.
Optimise your product pricing to succeed in an ever-changing shopper and omni-channel environment.
Companies spend huge amounts of money on their trade strategies. We can tell you where to focus your efforts and how to make them pay off.
Use predictive analysis to plan trade events in order to maximize product, account and consumer sensitivities to achieve trade goals.
Expand sales for your brand and category by having the right product in the right place at the right time.
With competition up and shelf availability down, manufacturers and retailers must understand which products need to be on shelf.
Offer the right product at the right place at the right time.
Improve your capability to tailor assortment to drive growth with your top customers..

How we're different

Specific growth levers for results
We have a unique and unmatched combination of predictive analytical techniques, rapid modelling platforms, leading-edge automated solutions, a vast and granular FMCG data set, and experienced analytics consulting talent.
One version of the truth for manufacturers and retailers
Through our collaborative gateways, manufacturers and retailers look at the same data in the retailer's view, ensuring one version of the truth. This allows for true collaboration and unique win/win strategies.

How can we help you supercharge your growth and profitability?

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