Shrink to Grow with Assortment
by Using Big Data, Analytics and Technology

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Providing shoppers with the best line-up of consumer goods has always been a challenge for retailers. Product offer has always been a key driver in store choice. However, an overabundance of products is making identifying which brands to stock even more difficult. Retailers are also concerned not to miss opportunities to satisfy shopper desires and innovate. Getting the assortment right is critical and it can no longer be handled in the same way. It is time for consumer goods manufacturers to work with retailers to define the real value of a brand or product presence according to what is really impacting the shopper’s propensity to purchase.
This publication presents how a new approach to assortment optimisation, based on looking at the category as a dynamic product mix, can enhance value for brands, categories and retailers using advanced analytic modeling and the very latest in big data technology.
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