Uncover actionable insights to benefit
shoppers and boost sales.

Improve collaboration and joint business planning between retailers and manufacturers.


How do my prices and promotions compare within the category?
What are the best ways to increase shopper engagement and loyalty across stores and categories?
What can I do to optimise my campaigns for better sales results while my campaigns are still running?

IRI helps retailers tap into critical touch points along the shopper journey as well as form more collaborative relationships with suppliers to personalise offers and optimise marketing campaigns as they happen.

IRI Holistic Retail Solution

Quickly identify specific shopper, sales, promotion, distribution and cross-purchase opportunities.

Point-of-sale data is augmented by loyalty, supply chain, weather/fuel and other data assets, along with trip missions and customer segmentation.

With IRI's Holistic Retail Solution, retailers and manufacturers can look at the same information in order to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Leverage best-in-class analytics across data assets to understand key shopper trends, better target households, and track the impact of activation on store performance.

Retail Price and Promotion

Access IRI's robust modelling to optimise everyday prices and plan effective promotions.

Gain a deeper understanding of historical performance, current market dynamics and shopper preferences to develop a more robust go-to-market approach for pricing and promotion.

Align objectives and success criteria based on robust analytics that include decision-support tools, prescriptive analytic capabilities, and machine learning algorithms that make sense of big data.

Simulate the possibilities with scenario planning, which offers an accurate understanding of expected impact and associated tradeoffs.

Retail Assortment

Boost store and category sales at scale with the right products on the right shelves.

For each category, and even each shopper segment, understand which items should be removed, which should be added and which should be given more shelf space to maximize sales.

Understand what types of items and product attributes have the most incremental impact on the category and what types drive the most cannibalization.

Determine how to make the shelf more productive by better aligning shelf space to current and potential demand, and understanding how assortments should vary by region or store type.

Transform and optimise retailer advertising spend by understanding how what shoppers see in the media, impacts what they buy in stores.

Enhance targeting effectiveness with a deeper understanding of high-value shoppers based on linking their purchase, consumption and media behaviour.

Discover detailed shopping, consumer and media insights in order to develop TV and digital advertising plans that resonate with shoppers.

Improve the results of shopper marketing programs with better audience targeting and campaign measurement.

How we're different
Retailer loyalty program data can be incorporated with granular point-of-sale and other large data sets for a full view of the category and shopper.
With the unmatched assets of IRI Liquid Data®, the retailer can drive the manufacturer/retailer collaboration process to deliver a win-win environment.
With a more complete picture of market dynamics, media behaviour and shopper preferences, coupled with best-in-class modelling, IRI helps retailers drive better marketing strategies and achieve better results.