Pinpoint the right customers.
Demographic target groups just don’t cut it anymore. IRI’s Targeting solutions will help you understand who will buy and who won’t, so that your advertising has a higher chance of success.
Create a target based on previous purchase behavior - what customers actually do, not just the demographic they fit into.
Ensure your investments hit the mark by identifying the households that buy your brand, buy from competitors and find out where they do their shopping.
Know what motivates your shoppers, what they watch and listen to, and where they live.
Add context to your targeting by merging high-quality survey data with comprehensive purchase data.
Tap into frequent shopper program (FSP) data for enhanced targeting.
Loyalty card member transaction data allows marketers to understand consumer behavior down to the brand or item level.

How we're different

Our solutions help you identify specific households’ propensity to buy – down to the UPC level. 
How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?

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