Price and promote your product for success.
Even the slightest tweak to your price and promotion can make a huge impact on your sales and revenues. Our Price and Promotion solutions will tell you ahead of time how you can maximise your chances for success.
Optimize your product pricing to succeed in an ever-changing shopper and omni-channel environment.
What will happen if you increase or decrease your product price? Our price modelling and analytics will tell you what to expect and whether it's the right move. It can model war-game scenarios based upon your own and competitor information across all channels.
Companies spend huge amounts of money on their trade strategies. We can tell you where to focus your efforts and how to make them pay off.
Assess historical event performance to evaluate a wide variety of metrics, including retailer and manufacturer ROI, and identify key success factors that can be replicated across products and accounts.
Predictive analysis can help you plan trade events in order to maximize product, account and consumer sensitivities and achieve trade goals.
Create trade plans that achieve both retailer and manufacturer goals using centralised planning solutions that can be leveraged across the organization.

How we're different

The right insights, fast
IRI’s Liquid Modeling is a state of the art modeling engine that delivers fast, scalable and customisable analytics.
MOre precise Pricing
We bring together tightly-integrated data, analytics, technology, people and process to help clients navigate a complex pricing environment.
The right-size answer for any size problems
We scale our price, trade and promotion solutions to meet specific client needs, from tactical event-specific promotions to larger revenue growth strategies.

What our Clients get from IRI solutions

In depth understanding of pricing and promotional investment by channel for brand planning optimization

How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?

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