Win/win is always the best scenario.
Manufacturers' and retailers' needs may be different but their goals are the same - to maximize sales and profits. IRI's Joint Business Planning solutions help align manufacturers and retailers for successful strategic planning and execution.
Effective joint business planning between retailers and manufacturers requires a common language as well as data organized by the retailer’s category definitions.
IRI offers retailer-defined product hierarchies and geographies for manufacturer use in assessing point-of-sale market measurement tracking. These can also be used for consumer and shopper market tracking. As a manufacturer, whether you are working with one of the largest retailers in the world or a more regional player, you want a strategy and specific tactics that will get you both on the same page. We'll help you effectively bridge the gap between your business needs and theirs.
Gain access to more than 600 powerful shopper and transaction-based analytics "out-of-the-box" to jump-start your execution tactics.
We provide users with a wide range of analytical tools, from simple POS-based measures (value and units) to complex buyer-based measures (trial and repeat, new-lost-retained, exclusive buyers) in a self-serve model without the need for IT involvement or dependency.
Use our self-serve analytics to discover, rank, segment, manage and measure the shoppers who provide the greatest impact to your bottom line.
The IRI Liquid Data™ platform, through the implementation of target groups, allows users to execute highly-focused communication activities and then test the efficacy of those activities through traditional statistical test/control methodologies to understand sales lift.

How we're different

Clearly identify consumer demand, product preferences and opportunities to serve that drive sales velocity and improved retailer / manufacturer collaboration. Integrated models, insights and store performance metrics create a foundation for continuous improvement
How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?

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