The IRI Shopper Insights Reports provide the ‘why’ at regional and local levels on geocentric purchase and the attitudes of Millennials.

Local and regional views enable the benchmarking of shopper habits and expectations in order to find the best paths for enhancing the shopping experience.

The IRI Shopper Survey 2018 answers the following questions:

  • What is the dynamic between local products and big brands?
  • Why are people choosing national brands / local products?
  • How much are shoppers willing to spend on national brands / local products?
  • How do Millennials buy differently in terms of shopping behaviour and channels?
  • Which media channels are most influential for Millenials versus older generations?


The IRI Shopper Insights Reports analyse seven European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom), South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, looking into the key fast moving consumer goods categories in each country and at a regional level.

Some key findings

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Press releases

Premium prices pose a barrier to the rise of ‘conscious consumerism’ among European shoppers

Millennials maintain their ‘amore’ for big brands

Rise of Plasticphobia in Europe highlighted by three-quarters of grocery shoppers wanting to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging


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