Media planning for success.

Not every show, channel or website is the right fit for your media pounds. With millions of media buying options, what's the right plan for your product? Our media planning solutions will help you figure out what works best for your product, category and audience.

Maximize every pound of media spend to target individual consumers directly to maximize ROI and lifetime value with media planning.

Our dynamic, cross-channel media planning solutions use purchase-based and custom data to bring granular targeting and efficiency to TV and digital-media planning.

We have partnered with leading media companies for holistic cross-channel planning.

Our planning solution uses IRI ProScores™ combined with Rentrak's exact commercial TV ratings and comScore's digital metrics for precise online campaign planning. Diagnostics analyse how your campaign ads were viewable and targeted across channels. Then, you get recommendations for how your media selections can be improved for more efficiency and effectiveness.

Choose the segments and brands that are right for you.

We deliver media planning for high-brand purchasers, high-category purchasers, and custom-research attitudinal segments. Also, we can perform competitive assessments of alternative brands and even optimize across your product portfolio.

How we're different

Deeper insights, built in
We embed consumer purchase journey nuances into our marketing mix solutions.
Optimal decision-making
Deeply granular data provides insights on what genres and properties within each media channel actually work.
ROI you won't believe
Our clients see a consistent 10-15% improvement in marketing ROI based on our Planning and other solutions.
Best-in-breed partners
Media reports from our Planning partner helps clients plan their campaigns more precisely.
Inserting Rentrak's Exact Commercial Ratings into our Marketing Productivity and other Planning solutions allows for more accurate planning.
"Proving ROI is the biggest challenge and opportunity for any FMCG digital marketer. Clarity and simplicity of IRI's methodology makes it easy to prove a compelling business case."


What our clients are saying...
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