Accelerate your growth and improve ROI with data-driven cross-platform marketing from advanced mix modelling to real-time targeting, activation and measurement.

Use our unique propensity-to-purchase model, IRI ProScores™, and proprietary offline/online sales lift software to plan, target, activate and measure your media spend in real time.  

MakE your cross-platform media
dramatically more efficient and effective.

 We have developed and integrated the world’s largest cross-channel media, social and online/offline purchase data sets to help you maximize the ROI for your media spend. Plan, target, activate, measure and optimize your media into a one-to-one consumer dialogue across media platforms.
Plan in real time across all media with unparalleled precision.
Maximize every pound of media spend to target individual consumers directly to maximize ROI and lifetime value.
We have partnered with leading media companies for holistic cross-channel planning.
Choose the segments and brands that are right for you. 
Dramatically improve the targeting of your marketing pound with the industry's only fully-integrated solution.
Target high-value audiences across channels based on actual purchase data – what consumers actually do – rather than demographics.
Key client segmentations can be understood in the context of media behaviour.
Discover detailed shopping and consumer behaviour along with media behaviour.
Activate audiences with accuracy — both digital and TV.
Focus your media and marketing efforts where they have the highest chance to succeed.
IRI ProScores allows for digital and programmatic TV activation.
Syndicated and custom activation are available for each client's specific needs.
Measure the sales lift associated with media using the industry's first real-time, fully-integrated campaign measurement solution.
Measure the impact of all your media in a fully integrated cross-platform solution that covers all channels and factors in the impact of other media, other factors like price and promotion and delivers segmentable ROI in real time.
Frequent shopper data enhances our measurement solution.
IRI's causal data ensures accurate measurement of media campaign lifts.
Drive and improve performance of your cross-media campaigns.
Immediately adapt your media to new market changes and opportunities with multi-factor, real-time and purchase-based modeling.
Invest in the channels that can best achieve your campaign objectives.
Understand which media publishers and networks drive the best campaign performance.
See it in Action
IRI Media Advantage™
Determine the right promotional and media activities for your brand with a fully integrated view of your in-store promotion results and your TV and digital advertising efforts. Watch the video now.

How we're different

Predictions based on purchases
We based our recommendations on our unique propensity scores modeling, which predicts the consumers who are more likely to buy, rather than a hit-or-miss demographics approach.
Covering 116 million households
No one else can match the scale of our data.
85,000 retail stores weekly
The sheer breadth of our data gives you a complete picture. And we have purchase data from all retail channels, not just grocery.
"Proving ROI is the biggest challenge and opportunity for any FMCG digital marketer. Clarity and simplicity of IRI's methodology makes it easy to prove a compelling business case."


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