Measure what's happening in the marketplace.

Having point-of-sale information is a vital first step in being able to analyze your sales trends, manage inventory, understand the impact of campaigns and much more. IRI's Market Measurement Solutions offer comprehensive information not only on how much you're selling but how you're doing across specific channels, sectors, markets and segments.

Track data for all key retail channels as well as specialty sales.
Find out what's happening in key channels such as mass, drug, grocery, convenience, on-premise, pet, club and e-commerce. 
Track high-growth CPG sectors.
We actively track high growth CPG sectors, including e-commerce, perimeter, perishables, natural/organic products and on-premise. For example, we have scanner-based data for items sold in the U.S. at thousands of grocery, drug, mass and club stores. It was created specifically for growers, associations, manufacturers and retailers to have data-driven conversations regarding product selection, placement, pricing and promotions.
Improve your 4 Ps by understanding performance across different demographic, ethnic and economic groups, and international markets.
Evaluate your actual performance across different groups and markets by integrating your disparate data sources into one platform or report so that you have market performance information in one place. This is supplemented by deep, country-level insights on trends and key news that is quickly accessible by your global team members. Whether drilling deep into your geo demographics or broadly synthesizing across markets, we'll bring together your performance data into one place so you learn about key trends affecting your products and markets.

How we're different

More complete insights
Our Market Measurement solutions bring together information from thousands of data sources online and offline to address specific business processes and issues. This streamlines the path from analysis to insight to action.
Real time, accurate market information
Our real-time syndicated retail tracking service helps manufacturers, retailers, brokers and financial analysts acquire industry insights and make better business decisions. With access to accurate, granular detail by category, geography, measure, and time period, clients have the tools needed to develop marketing and sales strategies based on product performance, distribution, and promotion responsiveness.
Tailored solutions
Whether it's natural/organic/specialty products, beer/liquor or pet products, we offer measurement solutions that track key sectors and their key channels, including e-commerce.
"IRI has demonstrated their value and expertise to transform our point-of-sale information into actionable business insights for our partners. We are encouraged by the results being achieved from this program, not only within our organization, but also within our manufacturer partners’."


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IRI Global Executive Market Reviews (IRI GEMs)

IRI Global Executive Market Reviews (IRI GEMs)

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