Product launch strategy

Because failing to plan, is planning to fail.
Get your product launch strategy right with IRI

It's a fact – 60 to 80 percent of new FMCG product launches fail in some way. IRI's understanding of new product success based on thousands of launches over the years will help you to create more achievable forecasts for your NPD activities.

We help you to identify what's been successful when developing new products and guide your product launch strategy for the best chance of success.

Our marketplace execution solutions help you be successful in forecasting sales for the new product, identify critical success factors, optimize launch plan, and enhance media and retail activation planning.

After launch, we monitor sales, share, distribution, price and promotion.

Enabling an understanding of performance against targets and creating positive sales stories to enhance distribution. Strengthen retailer relationships by quantifying the impact of the new product on category sales and the competition.

With IRI's advanced FMCG insights and expert knowledge we know what challenges you may face when launching new products.

We can also identify how your success compares to other new products in the market, allowing you to get a real and comprehensive view of the success of your NPD.

How we're different

Understanding actual shopper behavior
Our approach is targeted toward key consumer and shopper segments, and anchored in actual behavior - what people do, not just what they say they do.
50+ years of market structure knowledge
Linking Hendry’s market structure with our rich consumer and shopper insights assets, as well as other predictive marketing analytics capabilities, gives our clients competitively-advantaged insights.
Shopper-defined competitive set across categories
We assess how shoppers today actually look for solutions across a wide range of categories, rather than relying on predetermined competitive-set definitions to find and size innovation.
Best-of-breed partners
Our Innovations solutions partners help us improve our clients' chances of new product success.
IRI works with APT to accurately measure the profit impact of innovation.
Top Box Associates
IRI works with Top Box to offer accurate sales forecasts for new products before launch to help clients improve financial performance.
"IRI delivers the superior census-based, high-quality data and consumer insights we need to effectively run our business and drive profitable growth. Their vertical beverage alcohol expertise and software solutions are unmatched in the industry."

Republic Beverage Company

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