Identify and capture pockets of growth.

Pinpoint the right opportunities and deliver growth with speed and focus.

Leverage vast information to identify insights and actions.

From market measurement and point-of-sales (POS) tracking of online and offline purchases, to deep strategy and growth diagnostics, in-store performance audits, and new product forecasting, our market performance and strategy solutions will help you out-pace, out-innovate, out-execute and out-grow your competitors.
Market Measurement
Measure and understand market performance more broadly and deeply than ever before.
Track sales by store for offline and online channels.
Track high-growth sectors.
Improve your 4 P's by understanding performance across different demographic and economic segments, and international markets.
Verify the effectiveness of your in-store programs and measure in-store performance.
Find out what's actually happening in the store with your displays and promotions, so that you can identify the in-store drivers of growth in your category.
Increase your category sales.
Proprietary methodology. Consistent results.
Find new strategies to accelerate company revenue and profit growth.
Define and drive business growth with our FMCG and retail-focused consultants who leverage our unparalleled proprietary data, industry expertise, predictive analytics and technology.
Deep growth strategy and pedigree.
Unique expertise in demand due diligence for mergers and acquisitions.
Build growth through effective innovation.
Our innovation solutions identify what you need to develop and launch new products successfully.
After launch, we monitor sales, share and distribution, comprehend consumer awareness, interest and satisfaction, as well as determine where the new product is sourcing volume from.
We maximize the launch plan by identifying additional growth opportunities for innovation by comprehending consumer awareness, interest and satisfaction, and determine where the new product is sourcing volume.

How we're different

Data, insights and market expertise identify where true growth lies.
We know the data better than anyone else.
Curiosity is our DNA. We go beyond the SURFACE to identify THE "SO WHAT?".
IRI's dynamic analytical tools powered by the IRI Advantage portfolio puts the power in your hands to understand how sales trends are impacted by your strategies and tactics.
Real-time 24x7 access to information so YOU CAN react to situations faster.
IRI Liquid Data and our suite of tools use an intuitive 'no training' interface that makes data available to a broad set of constituents in your organization. Many data sets are processed in real time, so your team's ability to react faster is significantly enhanced.
"They (IRI) helped us ensure that we understood who the consumer was, what was happening in the category, and helped formulate our strategy for growth."


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