Consumer insights through basket analytics.

Know your consumers like never before.

What are your customers buying?
Where do they shop?
What else are they purchasing?
Our Consumer Insights solutions tell you this and more, including consumers' on-the-go and in-the-moment needs.

Embed relevant and immediate shopper and consumer insights into all of your key business decisions.

Trip missions provide you with the most meaningful views of shopper behaviour and demand patterns. It monitors and analyses demand signals including activity cycles through the day, peak hours for sales and store traffic, local events, seasonality, holidays, social trends and local buying habits.

Harness consumers’ transactions to drive increased sales.

Based on transactional basket data affinity analyses, created at category / brand or even product level, marketers can understand consumer behaviour faster and at a more granular level. Thus uncovering the biggest areas of focus for cross selling opportunities.

Understand consumers' in-the-moment shopping, consumption and usage behaviours.

Gain consumer insights through analysing customer behaviour in-store and across multiple channels, profile shoppers and their purchase, consumption, and search behaviour to understand optimal customer journeys and develop an achievable plan to improve customer experience at every single step.

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Consumer insights and industry research

IRI regularly publish consumer insights and industry research for free in our insights section.


Quick consumer insights on eating trends, purchasing trends and more

For quick consumer insights on eating trends, purchasing trends and more, why not browse our Fact of the Weeks to see what you might learn.


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How we're different
No sample size constraints
IRI nearly eliminates sample size constraints, which is particularly helpful when launching niche or regional brands. It also allows manufacturers to plan consumer tactics and strategies at the size, flavour, scent or item level.
Unique tracking of on-the-go behaviour
Only IRI tracks real-time out-of-home consumption, usage, purchase occasions and attitudes linked to other consumer information.

"They (IRI) are so stepping up to the task of helping us understand not just what’s happening in store with our customers but (also) online."


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