The IRI Holistic Retail Solution, is the ultimate solution for your requirements in sales data analysis

The IRI Holistic Retail Solution (IRI HRS) is underpinned by IRI’s Liquid Data technology which makes it possible to align and find associations within trillions of data points in a matter of seconds. This sales data analysis tool can enhance and integrate all kinds of information including point of sale, loyalty, shopper segmentation, rest of market, CRM, social media, weather - virtually anything related to your in-store performance.

IRI's Holistic Retail Solution gives you complete access to all of your data at any time as a series of live reports designed to meet your own business processes.

This sales data analysis solution enhances your information with data science to provide new insights into areas like availability, repeat purchases of promoted and new products, assortment and shopper missions.

The online platform can be provided as a data sharing gateway for all of your suppliers, giving a view of how their products are performing in your stores.

Access to a single combined data source enables truly effective retailer/supplier collaboration, based on a single version of the truth and aligned to the retailers workflows.

How we're different
A Complete Solution
Only IRI can manage data from all of your systems, securely store it in our own IRI data cloud, make it instantly queryable in our in-memory IRI Liquid Data platform, and make it available to your users through a state of the art, secure, online user interface, Unify.
Make your existing data work harder
IRI has unparalleled knowledge of the UK retail industry plus the largest team of analytics experts in the world. All of this experience and knowledge enables us to apply algorithms to your data that enhance it to give you greater insights into your business and ultimately enable you to make faster strategic decisions about pricing, promotions, in-store execution and assortments.
Ready, Set, Go!
IRI has many years of experience managing big data solutions for retailers. We have well defined processes to identify your key data sources and make them available through IRI HRS in as little time as possible.
"Data driven insight is the most powerful catalyst for driving commercial performance. Collaborating on insight with our suppliers drives success by ensuring we are aligned on opportunities to deliver the best product and service for our customers. Choosing IRI as a technology partner means we have access to global retail expertise and an innovative technology platform through which to deliver data driven decision making."

Marks & Spencer

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IRI Holistic Retail Solution
IRI Holistic Retail Solution brings retailer’s data to life for guaranteed revenue growth.
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