A global financial services institution wanted to improve data management and insights delivery to their clients by revising their legacy reporting system.

IRI’s Private Cloud solution is delivering increased flexibility and dramatically increasing levels of insight for the client, leading to an estimated 2x gain in efficiency.

The Challenge
The client’s existing approach to insights delivery and development consisted of static Excel and PowerPoint deliverables, coded and extracted using queries within a legacy mainframe. As a result, developing consolidated reports and insights required significant manual labour, long lead times, and fewer data updates. While powerful, the client’s data lacked any level of customization or speed, creating major hurdles in client interaction.
IRI is creating a custom Private Cloud solution that will sit behind the client’s firewall and serve as an end-to-end, full-scale data management and insights delivery platform.
  • IRI conducted several exploratory sessions with the client to determine their current pain points and specific needs.
  • We identified four core benefits were identified that became the foundation of the final value proposition:
Seamlessly integrating data sets that enable a deeper understanding of business performance and growth opportunities
Eliminating manual intervention in the generation of recurring and standardized insights deliverables
Focusing on the most relevant opportunity insights by role, available across the entire organization
Minimizing the number of data points, report proliferation and information overload by personalizing and targeting the most relevant and necessary insights

The Result
Upon deployment, the client will be able to seamlessly transition its product suite onto IRI’s Private Cloud. Report consolidation and rendering is estimated to be at least twice as fast as legacy processes in place prior to implementation, leading to a potential 2x gain in efficiency.
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