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In addition to Public Health England’s (PHE’s) three levers for change to meet its 20% sugar reduction target by 2020 (creating low-sugar alternatives, cutting product sizes and promoting reduced sugar products), price is a fourth lever for the food and drink industry to address, says Dan Finke, managing director at IRI UK.

Stakeholders in the UK’s food industry have begun to respond to Public Health England’s call for a 20% reduction in the amount of sugar in food products.

Data released by IRI, the provider of big data and predictive analytics for FMCG manufacturers and retailers, shows that the recent courgette shortage has seriously impacted sales of the vegetable in January.

"A shortage of certain vegetables in UK supermarkets has spurred a rise in the sale of seeds. UK retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, have in recent weeks started rationing lettuce, courgettes and aubergines after floods and storms ruined crops in southern Europe, squeezing supply. Some experts say that the shortage is expected to last until April or May."

Almond milk, e-cigarettes and avocados enjoyed the biggest surge in demand among UK shoppers last year, as a trend toward healthy eating gathered pace, according to one research firm.

IRI, the big data and technology expert for consumer industries, has announced the appointment of Anthony Graham as executive vice president of international solutions and innovations to replace Lynda Gammell.

Lynda Gammell, who has led IRI's solutions and innovations team in Europe for six years, is returning to the US to lead the product management of IRI’s Shopper Knowledgebase (SKB).

Gin recorded value growth of 14.5% last year to become the biggest growth driver in the spirits category, according to new figures from IRI.

IRI figures show that spirits sales topped £3 billion in the year to December 31, 2016, and it said gin is the biggest growth driver.

In this article, Jose Carlos Gonzalez Hurtado shared his views on the ten trends that FMCG manufacturers and retailers have to watch out for to remain competitive and to find new paths for growth.

Supermarkets in Great Britain are dishing out nearly 90% fewer single-use carrier bags than they were two years ago

Private label is under pressure across Europe for a range of reasons and manufacturers and retailers must tailor their solutions to each individual country, according to a recent IRI report

The popularity of prosecco is putting pressure on supermarket supplies, with many retailers looking to stock up on cava in case they run out of the UK's favourite fizz.