UK State Of The Nation updates

IRI’s State Of The Nation report is a free, timely resource that allows you to keep up to date with what's happening in the UK FMCG market now and what to expect in the future, written by our industry insight experts Martin Wood & Tim Eales.


The latest key trends presented in May’s State Of The Nation include:

  • Discounters are still expanding, but at a slower rate
  • Online sales are revolutionising the way people shop
  • Convenience shopping is still increasing
…and as a result…
  • Promotions are still reducing especially multi-buys.
  • Downward price pressure continues BUT…with the fall in the £ average prices are now rising
  • Major retailers are still cutting range across all fascia
  • NPD has been impacted; distribution for NPD is falling and manufacturers are launching less NPD


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