The future of analytics is here.
It’s called Q-IRI™. This real-time analytics engine uses prescriptive analytics – data mining, analytic algorithms and technology – to proactively push out analyses, opportunities and recommendations.
Automate the identification of new growth opportunities for your brand.
What will happen if you increase or decrease your product price? Our predictive price modeling and analytics will tell you what to expect and whether it's the right move. It can model war-game scenarios based upon your own and competitor information across all channels.
Answer simple and more advanced brand and category questions
You can get predefined answers to more simple questions or select dependent variables from thousands of options for more advanced ones. Either way, the system defines the specific actions you can take for growth.
Gain access to the biggest and most unique data sets
Q-IRI works via the IRI Liquid Data™ leading-edge technology platform, which houses the IRI Shopper Marketing Cloud™, the biggest and most unique purchase, media and causal Big Data assets. Watch the video.

How we're different

Q-IRI goes beyond descriptive analytics, which provides foundational knowledge and insights, to what the future holds – a source of competitive advantage.
Companies can stay ahead of the curve by using Q-IRI to automatically pinpoint new opportunities as well as potential issues.
Q-IRI uses IRI Liquid Data, which comes pre-integrated with the industry's richest datasets across sales, consumer behavior, media, social, environmental, causal and dozens of other datasets.
Best-in-breed partners
Proprietary software for decision sciences and Big Data analytics from our partner powers faster and better decision making.
Mu Sigma
"IRI provides a quantum leap forward in terms of delivering granular, actionable insights that will ultimately help us with our brand, category, promotional and trend initiatives."

Circle K

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