A Global Dairy producer wanted to expand the Refrigerated Cooking Sauces category in the U.S. based on insights from drivers of the category’s success in Europe

The client saved substantial resources by not launching in the U.S. and was able to concentrate its efforts on higher value initiatives.

The Challenge
The client did not have enough US market data to make an informed decision on whether or not expansion was in their best interest.
The client leveraged IRI’s Global Network to understand coverage and market segmentation across Europe and to prioritize countries for an in-depth analytic dive.
The client ultimately focused on the UK for their analysis where the category was 15% of total Cooking Sauces and growing at a healthy 7% annual rate.

The Result
Based on a thorough review of UK data for Refrigerated Cooking Sauces, the client decided that expansion into the U.S. would not be a good investment.
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