Incite consumer action.
Understanding what you need to do to incite consumers to action is what IRI's Activation solutions are all about. We'll help you uncover exactly what you need to do to get them to take action at the physical and digital shelf.
With our Activation solutions, identify the stores that matter most to your shoppers.
Want higher incremental revenue? Optimize your in-store activation. We make it easy to evaluate where individual households are likely to shop and how much of their wallet they are likely to spend at a particular store.

Leverage an intuitive and flexible shopper intelligence platform.
Shopper needs change quickly. We help you keep up. Our shopper-intelligence platform allows you to rapidly analyse product switching, basket-level co-purchasing, category leakage, and other consumer analysis. With it, you will be able to build impactful strategies and tactics to engage your shoppers.

How we're different

More accurate
We combine social consumer data sets with point-of-sale (POS) data and sophisticated analyses. This granular level data combined with our proprietary methodologies means more accurate and actionable insights for our clients. 
Higher ROI
Without a deep understanding of their consumers and shoppers, manufacturers and retailers risk squandering scarce resources on inefficient activation efforts. Our granular-level information helps uncover the greatest fit between a retailers' shoppers and its products' consumers in order to achieve a higher ROI.
Better allocation of activation spend
For manufacturers and retailers seeking to maximize spend on their consumer and shopper activation, it's critical to be able to activate at the individual household and store level. We help you prioritize your activation resources so that you spend your investment wisely for the best return and growth.
"IRI understands the needs of our business and provides clear solutions that will make a huge impact. Their significant expertise and superior customer service, coupled with their sophisticated solutions, help us compete in the highly competitive dairy category."

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