Gain a competitive advantage with supply chain analytics.

Supply chains are increasingly complex and remain a vital part of a company's profit and structure. With our Supply Chain solutions, you can understand where the risks lie in your supply chain and what you can do to optimise every link.

Limit your losses from products not on shelf.
Shoppers can’t buy a product if it isn’t on the shelf. Seems obvious, yet in-store availability remains one of retailers’ biggest challenges to efficiency. Learn how to limit those availability losses and maximise every single point along your supply chain for a material annual sales uplift per SKU.
Localise demand planning.
Demand Engineered Clustering provides a robust approach to grouping stores based on actual purchase behaviour. Each cluster project provides a suite of key deliverables that encourage collaboration and improved efficiencies to guide localised category strategy development for plan-o-gram (modular) and promotional implementation.
Store-level performance scorecards drive high-impact activation.
Carrying a good strategy all the way to activation is critical for driving growth. IRI can provide store-level scorecards on product selection, pricing and sales performance to ensure that your products are positioned to deliver growth.

How we're different

Precise focus on impact and outcomes
Clearly identify consumer demand, product preferences and opportunites to optimise your service to drive sales velocity and improved retailer / manufacturer effectiveness. Integrated models, insights and store performance metrics create a foundation for continuous improvement.
Speed to insight
High precision insights are driven by detailed sales, causal and econometric data.
Pragmatic and relevant to today's market issues
Our solutions and thought leadership are designed to address client specific go-to-market issues.
“The underlying objective is to enable us to react more quickly to market conditions and to be more proactive in its dealings with retailers in order to meet their stock requirements more effectively”

European Sales Leader, Global FMCG Supplier

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