A leading global retailer operating in more than 30 countries wanted to accelerate growth and increase share across regions.

IRI helped the retailer achieve a 2.8% increase in sales through cutting-edge insight and improved decision-making speed via a custom-built execution platform.

The Challenge
Business performance analysis and subsequent decision making was difficult, complex, and slow for the retailer due to disparate, unlinked data assets and multiple data and analysis suppliers.
IRI built a custom global execution platform for the retailer that allowed it to accelerate its business growth. Key elements of the platform included integration and linkage of all data assets, at the most granular level:
  • Point- of- sale data
  • Transaction-level data
  • Frequent shopper data
  • Household panel data
  • Retailer’s own financial information
  • Ability to incorporate and integrate a wide assortment of additional data assets, such as weather, petrol, social, media, etc.
Powerful and predictive analytics, including advanced simulation tools for scenario planning and optimization, across all major business processes: assortment, promotion, pricing, shopper activation, measurement
Interface for suppliers that enables joint business planning and collaboration by providing a common language, dataset and intelligence
IRI's leading-edge technology supported  this solution: the IRI Retail Advantage platform, IRI Liquid Data™ and IRI Liquid Modeling
For the first time, the retailer received a comprehensive view of the market, with predictive scenarios to support strategic sales and marketing decisions. IRI’s solution gave the retailer the foresight and flexibility to better serve and meet its shoppers’ needs, enabled teams to make faster and more effective decisions, and supported more powerful collaboration with suppliers in one seamless platform.

The Result
The gateway drove a 2.8% sales increase for the retailer over three years from:
  • Improved assortment across all key categories and departments: +1.5%
  • Focused shopper targeting via customized offers executed using Frequent Shopper cards: +0.5%
  • Improved price and promotions through optimization that distorts spend to the highest ROI activities: +0.8%
The retailer identified that it could reduce the number of SKUs by 10%, leading to cost savings with no drop in revenue or market share.
Additionally, there was an estimated +30% increase in data sales to suppliers through expanded assets and more robust tools. The retailer also attained cost savings through increased efficiency from data availability and access, lower internal data management costs, and rationalization and simplification of current suppliers.
Growth Delivered
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