Market Performance and Strategy

Customer Relationship Management

Building the right relationships with the right customers.

IRI Lentus SUCCESS model enables retailers to grow their revenue by better understanding and targeting their shoppers. Changing towards a customer centric approach is going to reduce overall marketing costs, increase overall customer response rates, and most importantly, increase overall customer- and firm-profitability.


Managing Customer Data.

We are processing and cleansing, completing, staging and modelling transaction data for analyses that create insights and drive additional sales. We make existing transactional data usable for analysis, find ways to identify "touch points" in order to maximize customers´ loyalty.

Providing Access to Data.

We provide a complete end to end CRM solution to enable our clients to focus on the content rather than the process.

Generating Shopper Insights.

We provide advanced analytics that allows retailers to identify and to target groups that are both profitable and loyal with them – that is what gains valuable insights.

Interact with Shoppers.

We identify what is relevant for each individual shopper in order to allow retailers to personalize communication and promotion mix.

Measuring Success of Shopper Marketing.

We provide customer centric KPIs to allow retailers to set targets and to monitor operational processes through the whole customer lifecycle as well as to measure and to understand values like: duration, retention, buying frequency, average order value etc.

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