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Performance Assessment

Media spend is a huge part of a company’s budget. While the media environment keeps evolving, we assess where to invest and tell you which campaigns are efficient. Use predictive analysis to optimise your media activity in order to maximise product, account and manufacturer profit.

Why IRI Media Models?

Enjoy € Millions sales lifts.
IRI Media Models’ recommendations systematically deliver brand sales lifts of 5-7%+ and/or in the several million euros are delivered.

Scalability, speed & flexibility!
IRI’s Media Model solutions benefit from the best methodologies & the best teams for the most accurate, scalable & flexible solutions on the market!

Leading Technology!
IRI is identified by the industry as the top modelling leader in the industry, with a unique methodology powered by IRI Liquid Modeling™ and it is proven by measured statistical results. This enables the measurement of very detailed media impacts.

How We’re Different

IRI Media Models is an econometric solution based on the Liquid Modeling™ platform that delivers consistent, scalable and highly precise analytics. We bring together store level data & the best analytics methodology to help clients take the right decisions for their media campaigns, and build the best plan to grow their brands.

Client Success Stories

Measuring media campaigns for improved ROI
A large UK retailer with business in Food and General Merchandise wanted to better plan by better understanding general questions such as media channel ROI, along with more tactical questions. IRI Marketing Mix model evaluated the different campaigns and channels to enable the client to optimise marketing spend most effectively.

How can we help you supercharge growth and profitability?


95% of CPG, retail, and health and beauty companies in the Fortune 100 work with us

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