Improve sales by continuously measuring, testing and optimizing individual campaign elements.

With the constant changes in consumer buying behavior and the advertising ecosystem, including multiple digital content platforms, data deprecation and the explosion of programmatic advertising, marketers need campaign measurement that is fast, accurate, robust and granular.

IRI Lift™ offers the most complete ongoing view of which individual campaign elements can be improved, answering critical questions such as:

  • Is the ad campaign increasing purchases and are any of these by new households?
  • Which creative messages, publishers, placements and ad types should be adjusted to optimize impact?
  • Are the households who see the ad spending more per purchase?
  • Did economic factors influence performance of the campaign?

By combining our frequent shopper data set – the largest in the world with 500 million de-identified shopper loyalty cards – with IRI's proprietary shopper panel and other data assets at the SKU and shopper level, IRI delivers the industry's most granular and most accurate multi-channel projection of sales lift. We decompose campaigns using every possible tactic across digital, TV, social, CRM and out-of-home (OOH) to understand the true impact of your advertising on in-store sales.

With weekly reads of the performance of individual channel campaigns or cross-media-channel campaigns, advertisers can test and learn while campaigns are underway. This results in faster and more accurate optimization decisions to get the best possible return on ad spend.

Additionally, our market lift solution allows you to test how effective your campaigns are at the market level, accounting for the differences in conditions between test and control markets to isolate the true effects of your campaign. Our methodology allows you to understand the causality of brand sales when there is a change in marketing elements, making this ideal for brands that want to measure the sales impact of regional and local spot buys, social media, out of home, print and media mix testing.

Clients that use IRI Lift see up to 9x greater sales lift than those that don't.

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IRI Lift™ solves the biggest issues marketers face today regarding campaign testing and measurement.



Performance and insights available
soon after campaign ends

Accurate and best-in-class
 POS, FSP, panel and causal data

Deep insights
 available at the campaign and consumer levels

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