Big Data Collaboration


Big Data Collaboration

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Today’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market is ripe with opportunities to grow. For the past four years, growth in volume sales has rarely increased more than 2%, and has been limited to only a few countries in Europe.

One of today’s big challenges arises from the multitude of choices available to the connected customer. Vast choice is leading to ever-decreasing levels of brand and store loyalty, and there is much higher demand for convenience and strong value propositions. To help offset these challenges, the industry must identify what really matters to customers. Fortunately, there is access to mind-boggling amounts of customer insights and more methods than ever to communicate and market directly to them.

The other big challenge that FMCG retailers and manufacturers need to address is how to use big data to its fullest potential. Traditionally retailers have owned data, while manufacturers have owned science. It’s time to reconcile the two areas of expertise to find new growth opportunities. Historically, in order to find growth, retailers and manufacturers had to focus collaborative efforts on the supply chain in order to tighten standards and overall performance. Today, however, the industry winners will be those that embrace the big data collaboration approach and the latest technology that puts customers at the heart of their strategies.

This paper defines how customisation and personalisation through collaboration, supported by in-depth big data resources, can enhance customer experiences and combat brand indifference. Case studies exemplify how leading retailers and manufacturers have used intelligent knowledge to achieve, succeed and grow in a challenging marketplace.

José Carlos González-Hurtado
President of IRI International

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