E-Commerce Insights

IRI’s comprehensive insights provide the client with a road map to achieve a 150 percent increase in e-commerce sales.



A large CPG manufacturer wanted to propel its e-commerce growth by understanding the performance of its own and competitive brands, as well as how its customers were interacting with its categories online. The client also wanted to understand how other organizations were effectively mobilizing their teams for success, as well as specific tactics to execute in order to activate growth.


IRI’s E-commerce Reporting Suite and analytic expertise provided valuable insights into the evolving marketplace and associated shopper behavior:

  • Dollar sales and share positions over a three-year period for own and competitor brands.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the digital paths shoppers took when purchasing client brand products, as well as motivators behind online conversion.
  • Strategic and tactical recommendations to build out client e-commerce teams, develop a go-to-market strategy and optimize online presence across multiple retailers.


The company was able to gauge its performance against its peers, set achievable growth goals for e-commerce sales and create a growth road map, which included:

  • A list of competitors to monitor and insights into competitor e-commerce performance.
  • Prioritization of e-retailers and domains presenting the biggest marketing opportunity.
  • Understanding of customer perceptions regarding the e-commerce channel and future purchase intents.
  • Recommendations on how to create a comprehensive strategy for online and in-store sales growth.

The client expects to achieve 150 percent in e-commerce sales growth due to the insights, opportunities and recommendations generated by IRI.

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