Custom Fast Feedback Surveys

Quick Survey Insights Takes Brand from Online-Only to In-Store at a Key Retailer


A personal care manufacturer was looking to expand distribution of its brand at a key retailer. The brand was currently carried online but not in stores, and the client was looking to push into brick and mortar. The client needed fast answers from known category buyers in time for an upcoming meeting with the retailer.

The client needed to show that it wasn’t enough to only have its brand distributed online. Since this product catered to a specific demographic, it was important to know that the respondents were members of that target demographic.


IRI’s Survey and Segmentation team conducted a fast feedback survey of panelists in the target demographic who used products in the client’s category. The survey research showed that there was a high degree of brand and product loyalty in the category and a fast purchase cycle due to the amount of product used daily. The client’s brand was known to be trusted and its distinguishing brand characteristics were recognized by the survey respondents. Most importantly, the survey showed that a majority of consumers in the brand’s target demographic preferred to shop for the brand’s category in-store while also shopping for other products.



Using the results from the survey, the client team was able demonstrate to the retailer that its product was an important player in the category, and needed to be carried in-store. The brand was able to gain in-store distribution while maintaining its online distribution as well.

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