Competitive Advantage

A global over the counter health manufacturer wanted to improve its digital and TV promotional campaigns by understanding in real time when demand for the category is high to better target the consumer


Accurate weekly sales forecasts through IRI Tactical Forecasting solution gave the manufacturer the competitive edge with significant market share gains across its eight countries.


Weak promotional planning resulting in poorly targeted digital and TV marketing and a failure to make gains around periods of peak shopper demand

Through IRI Tactical Forecasting, Google search and weather data was used to predict future disease outbreaks by region up to four weeks in advance so the manufacturer could:

  • React in near real time to the upcoming increase in demand
  • Target its digital and TV marketing to maximise impact
  • Increase sales for immediate growth

The manufacturer is now able to achieve a higher return on investment from its promotional campaigns due to the accuracy of its weekly sales forecasts achieved through the real-time data provided by IRI.


Significant market share gains have been achieved across the manufacturer’s eight countries thanks to the tailored custom alerts provided by IRI to the client at predicted times of peak demand.

The manufacturer can also stay ahead of the game now through:

  • Effective promotional planning
  • Continuity in forecasts for dynamic and targeted marketing activities.

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