Our Vision

Augmented Decision-Making

Augmented Decision-Making (ADM) is the process of using technology and analytic, combined with a specific business process, to let the machine do the work of combing through the data and seeing patterns and making recommendations.

Users remain in control of the objectives and outcomes like:

Optimising, quantifying and ranking recommendations based on different factors – including end-user’s feedback
Increasing the speed to action – automatically managing and sifting to identify highest value opportunities
Identifying patterns that may not be obvious when looking through a series of reports.

Automated creation of insights address business questions such as:
Recommended actions should be presented to decision-makers through a variety of user interfaces (email, text, opportunity finders, voice). These actions are created by three recommendation engines: user-defined (if, then, else), analytic-driven (complex pricing models), and artificial intelligence and machine learning driven (self-testing, self-growing).

  • Highest priority and value opportunities are prioritised and in the hands of more people who can action.
  • Insight creators focus on driving growth around broader business priorities rather than distributing information.

Business impact

Pushing boundaries disruption

Leading-edge automated insights and decisioning solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning - increasing speed for delivering growth and consumer relevancy for CPG, retail and media companies on the world's leading B2B data and technology platform - IRI liquid data®.

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