Local Leadership: Robin Gerk

Head of Technology & Innovation

Robin Gerk is responsible for delivering growth for clients by combining market intelligence and state-of-art technology solutions. These are solution like Retailer Private Cloud, where we combine our in house technology with our Unify visualisation in combination with data on the most granular level. Furthermore Robin is responsible for driving innovation and strategic projects within the NL organization by translating international developments to a local solutions or developing in house solutions to enhance the client experience.
Robin began his career at IRI and held several positions within the Operations department over the years, experiencing the various aspects of the operational organization up close. In recent years Robin has been working in a leading role. His specialties are: change management, process improvement and outsourcing.
Robin completed his Bachelor in Nutrition and Management at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen and followed a number of internal programs, including the High Performance Management Program.