Local Leadership: Frank Smit

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Frank Smit is responsible for leading our ‘Growth Delivered’ commercial teams in the Netherlands. The teams are driven to uncover and illuminate growth opportunities for our existing FMCG-manufacturer clients and partner with them to turn insights into action. In addition, Frank will focus on expanding IRI’s client network as well as on future growth initiatives via the development of new solutions which continue to successfully drive the competitiveness of IRI.

Frank has implemented his knowledge in many areas of the business, both nationally and internationally, for example by expanding the analytics portfolio outside the traditional IRI countries. He has a clear understanding of what it takes for his clients to grow their businesses and how to develop strong relationships. Together with his team he is driven to uncover growth opportunities for FMCG manufacturers and retailers and partner with them to turn insights into actions that ultimately deliver growth.

Prior to joining IRI, Frank worked for TNS NIPO in The Netherlands and at the European Headquarters of LG Electronics in France. Frank holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing, which he obtained from the Amsterdam School of Business.